Tuesday, April 15, 2014

runDisney WDW Registration

Tomorrow marks the opening of early registration for the runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend! All annual passholders are able to enjoy this perk. I sure appreciate it since runDisney races are selling out faster than ever! 

For early registration, be sure to log into your My Disney Experience account. From there, you'll be able to access early registration, which begins at Noon EST. If you're not an AP holder, don't worry....general registration begins next week on April 22nd at Noon EST. 

Now the biggest thing to worry about, is which race(s) or challenge you'll be signing up for! Happy registering!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Chicago: I'm in!

A few weeks back, I wanted to win the lottery. Not the kind of lottery where you hope to win money. That would be too easy! You know the kind I'm talking about....the kind of lottery where YOU do the paying. My wallet is ready and I'm going to do just that because.....

I'M ALL IN FOR THE CHICAGO MARATHON!! Can you hear me screaming it from the rooftops? I'm SO excited!! 
Today I knew the emails were going out. I was obsessively checking email early this morning and then I stopped. I went from totally obsessed to practically depressed. I didn't want to know, but yet I did.

After lunch, Twitter started to show some #ChiMarathon excitement. People were getting emails. As for me, nothing. After awhile, I couldn't take it any longer. I logged into the Athlete Center and my status changed to "approved." 
I was excited to see the change, but yet I wanted the email. Certainly this was a good thing, but to me the email was the official word. And this afternoon, I finally received it! 

It's such an exciting time in the running community. So many familiar faces will be there. And we all have a common purpose...to run the streets of Chicago! This will be my 2nd marathon. I'll be traveling there with the hubs and making one heck of a racecation out of this trip. 

Bye bye summer, hello marathon training! Will I see you there? Have you ever entered a race lottery before and got in? 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Erin Condren Life Planner: Review and Giveaway

When it comes to being organized and slightly obsessed with my calendar, a planner is a must have for a girl like me. Check out my Erin Condren Life Planner review and be sure to enter the giveaway for a $50 Erin Condren Gift Code! 

For months, I've been drooling over the Erin Condren Life Planner. These planners seemed like so much more than a planner and that intrigued me. Not only did I want it for everyday life, but I also wanted a planner that I could use to keep track of my running as fall marathon training will be starting soon. 

I was lucky enough to have the fabulous ladies at Erin Condren hook me up with a life planner. I think I spent days on the website trying to narrow down which design I wanted. There are so many choices from the classics to the fun and funky! I was beyond excited when I received it. 
This planner is the real deal. Every single detail of these planners was thought out and has a purpose. I'm a lover of all things chevron, so I chose the zig-zag pattern. It came out fabulous! 
The first thing I noticed was how much room there is to write in each section. I love not being confined to one little box. Every imaginable event that you would want to keep track of has a place. There's a calendar to write down birthdays and anniversaries. 
The two-page monthly calendar spread is fabulous. Major holidays are preprinted and each month has an inspirational quote. Each month is separated with colored laminated tabs. 
The month at a glance is awesome, but there's also a weekly calendar that's broken down into morning, day, and night with sections for writing down meals, exercises, goals, and lists. All the attention to detail makes this a winner! 

After the calendar section of the planner, there are 240 stickers to showcase important events or reminders in your planner. They come with both pre-printed and blank stickers. I want to put them everywhere on the calendar! A cute ruler accompanies the planner too! 
If you're like me, I always have "stuff" in my planner. You know....notes, receipts, and a gazillion more pieces of paper. With the Life Planner, you have options for these "things." You can put them in one of two "keep it together" folders or put them in the zip lock pouch (this pouch comes loaded with gift labels and cards). I also got the pen/pencil holder that sticks to any page in the planner. I love that my pencil is ready to write at any moment! 
This planner more than met my expectations. Is it pricey? Yes. But it's worth it. If you're all about being organized and you love the purpose of a planner, than you have to check out Erin Condren's Life Planner. They are perfect for everyday life on the go! 

So now it's all about you! Enter below for a chance to win a $50 Gift Code towards your Erin Condren order. Good luck!
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Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break Shenanigans

Spring break is drawing to a close today. It's so nice to be able to rewind and relax from the everyday craziness of life! You're probably thinking I did lots of traveling and went to many exciting places, right? Ha, ha....nope! Here are some of my shenanigans from the week....

On Tuesday, I got my 5K done for the Rock 'n' Roll 5K Virtual Run! And I was pleasantly surprised with my time. It's my fastest 5K yet! If you haven't signed up and submitted proof of time, you have until April 2nd to get in on the action! 
I have been treadmill shopping online for months. There are so many options out there and it took forever to narrow down my choices. This week I finally pulled the trigger on a treadmill and I couldn't be more excited! The Sole F80 treadmill was the winner! Now I'm impatiently waiting for it to be delivered and assembled. It should be any day now! 
There's no better way than a trip to Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom to end our spring break. It was my little guy's first time at AK, so we were excited to take him there. My favorite attraction is the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. It was amazing how close the giraffes were! It was such a nice way to spend a beautiful day!
Tomorrow is back to reality! Now the countdown to summer break begins! 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shame On You!

I can't take it anymore. What is up lately with the issues in the running community?!?! I'm very sheltered with my little blog and Twitter friends who are 110% supportive of my running. But outside of my bubble, the running world is being attacked. I don't normally like to focus on the negative, but these couldn't be avoided! 

Let's start with the totally no where near witty or pretty, Ashley Hesseltine. She crashed the Georgia Half-Marathon as a bandit runner and then wrote a vial blog post about it. 
The social media world was a buzz about her post and yet, she doesn't see anything wrong with what she did. First off, she took the whole selfie during a race idea from Kelly Roberts (the NYC half #hottie selfie picture taking girl). And then, she didn't pay for a race, she slammed law enforcement, used the word rape inappropriately, and after the fact, she tried to edit her blog post because she was feeling the heat. She's proud of her new page views (because that's what's important in life) and she calls it "comedy" in a tweet from today, I call it shame on you! 
And now we're at the ever so unpopular Self Magazine. I mean seriously, what were you guys thinking? The whole universe is buzzing about their use of the word "lame" in their BS meter article for an amazing runner with brain cancer that chose to run in a tutu. 
Obviously your audience isn't female runners because if it were, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that we like to run in tutus. In fact, we kick some ass on the pavement when we run in tutus. Finally an apology tweet went out today about this lapse of judgement, but it was a day late and a dollar short. Not only are you guys lame, but shame on you too! 

So there's my rant! Now I know I'm not perfect, but at least I can sleep at night. As for these two offenders, I'm not sure they can say the same. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A runDisney Avengers Sell Out!

It's no secret, that runDisney's popularity has been growing! Races are selling out faster than ever and the world is taking notice! With the addition of the inaugural Avengers Half Marathon Weekend at Disneyland, the question wasn't would it sell out, it was how long will it take.

And today we got the answer! In 26 minutes the Avengers 5K sold out and the Avengers Half sold out right under 2 hours (according to runDisney's Twitter account, the tweet that it was sold out came out 1 hour and 56 minutes after registration opened).
I'm not surprised that the 5K sold out so quickly, although I do think it was the fastest runDisney 5K sell out ever! After participating in the last two 5Ks at WDW, I see why the 5K is a popular race! It's the perfect distance and it gives runners and walkers alike the chance to earn some runDisney bling!

I am surprised that the Avengers Half Marathon took as long as it did to sell out. I was expecting a very quick sell out since this is a west coast race and a very popular theme. Don't get me wrong, a less than two hour sell out is quick, but I thought it would be like Dumbo Double Dare quick!  

Were you one of the lucky ones that will get a chance to #SmashtheHalf at the runDisney Avengers Half Marathon Weekend? Are you surprised by how fast the runDisney races are selling out?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Rock 'n' Roll #LVKickOffNight

The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series puts on some amazing races across the country. I've read countless race recaps and seen some fabulous bling come out of Rock 'n' Roll races. I have yet to run a Rock 'n' Roll race (although I'm eyeing one for 2014), so I was excited about the virtual run being held as a way to kick off their #StripatNight event in Las Vegas this November.
Rock 'n' Roll is hosting runs throughout the country on April 2nd, and if you're not close to one of these runs like me, then the virtual run is perfect for you! Get all the info here!

If you haven't already registered, be sure to do so before April 2nd! It only takes a few seconds to do and you'll be on your way to a super cool Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas promo tee and be entered to win an entry to their Las Vegas event for 2014.
Be sure to follow Rock 'n' Roll on Twitter and use hashtag #LVKickOffNight to show the world you'll be running the 5K Fun Run!

Will you be participating in this awesome event? I'm in!