Saturday, October 6, 2012

Product I ❤

With the Tower of Terror race coming up, I wanted to get something sassy to run in. I didn't want to go in full on costume, but I can't imagine running with a getup on. So I chose a running skirt. It's the first running skirt I have ever purchased. I did my research and all the skirts out there seemed to agree on one thing: "Their skirts don't ride up." So I went for style and pattern and chose the ChevRun Athletic skirt from RunningSkirts.

My new skirt arrived the day before I was leaving for ToT (I was a little bummed about the shipping time, but glad that it arrived before I left). My main reason for purchasing it was to wear it for the race, but I didn't get a run in with it, so I just wasn't sure. The morning we were leaving, I got up early, and took my skirt for a test drive. I only had time for about a mile, but the skirt held up and did great. So, I decided to run in it. And I was glad I did because I ran the whole race (all 10 miles) looking adorable and never once had an issue with my skirt. 

Thank you Runningskirts for making such cute, reliable products. I will be back for more. Do you own any of their products? What's your favorite?

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