Sunday, December 16, 2012

Product I ❤

I have never been a fan of blisters...NEVER! When I first took up running, blisters seemed to be the norm. They weren't huge blisters, but they were blisters. I tried band aids and tape, but nothing was working. Then my local running store suggested I try Body Glide. I have never even heard of this product before, but I figured if the pros at the story suggested it, then it's a must try.
At first glance, it reminds me of deodorant. But it's nothing of the sort. It glides on smooth and doesn't leave a residue. I also like that there isn't much of a smell. I'm not really a perfume kind of girl. What I like about this product is you can put in anywhere....and I do. I start off with my feet and toes, and then head upward. Wherever I might chafe becomes a Body Glide zone. Ever since I started using this product, blisters are a thing of the past. Thank you Body Glide for such a fantastic product. And thanks for taking time out to make a product designed for women.

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