Monday, February 25, 2013

Princess Part 2: The Race

The first few miles of the Disney Princess Half Marathon were dreamy. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. The downside to early race times for me and my pace, is that it was still pretty dark for the first 4 miles of the race. But that was okay because Disney makes each mile fun. Running through the big Magic Kingdom sign was awesome. You could just feel the energy as everyone knew the castle was getting closer.

Entering the Magic Kingdom is a feeling like no other. Coming through the side entrance to Main Street is an emotional part of the race because you can see the castle, you can hear the crowds, and you just know that in a few more steps this experience is going to become just that, an experience. The rush and emotions that you will feel are indescribable. And this is what it's all about....the castle! I stopped in awe and got a few pictures. There were lots of Disney employees on hand to take pictures, which was nice.

After seeing the castle, I decided to stop in Tomorrow Land to use the restroom. There was a quite a line (and yes it affected my time), but using a real toilet was so much better than a port-a-potty. I'm just not a port-a-potty kind of girl! Once I left the restroom, it was time to run underneath the castle. The excitement built up so much and everyone was hooting and hollering. I took a moment to stop for a picture in front of the castle. The line wasn't bad at all.  

After the castle, I ran through Frontierland at mile 6 and then it was time to start exiting the park. It's kind of a let down because the energy is there and you want it to continue for the next leg of the race, but you have Epcot to look forward to. 

Miles 6-11 were a blur, I was trying so hard to take in the sights, the runners, and the crowds. Each person cheering on the runners was a little burst of encouragement for me. As mile 12 was approaching, I knew this was it. The crowds of people as we arrived in Epcot were amazing. Just lines and lines of people cheering on thousands of runners is so moving. The gospel choir towards the end made the last leg of the race uplifting. I decided to pick up my pace and crossed the finish line with a wave of emotions. I did it....I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon and I'm so proud of myself!

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