Monday, February 4, 2013

Product I ❤

Here is another Pavement Princess product I love....Balega Socks bring a whole new joy to running! I was used to running in a different brand of socks that had more padding around the toes than I needed. My poor little toes felt cramped with all the padding in my old socks, so I needed to find a new brand.
I had heard great things about Balega socks so I decided to give them a try. And...I'm glad I did. I went with the Balega Hidden Comfort low cut sock. The first thing I loved about them was how they felt. They were so plush, but not heavy. I knew good things were to come. They have a deep heel pocket and a high-tab heel which keeps the sock put and adds an extra layer of protection from blisters. My only problem now is to figure out which other color of Balega socks to purchase. If you're looking for a change for your feet, give Balega socks a try. You will be pleasantly surprised!

If you are a Balega lover too, share the wealth. Tell me what you love about them too!

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