Sunday, December 2, 2012

Race Recap: Palm Beach Marathon Relay

I'm a fan of the Palm Beach Marathon race. Last year I ran their 10K as part of my training plan for a half marathon. Now I was back for the Marathon Relay. The relay was a team of four people and for our group it was me, my husband, my brother, and a friend of mine.

This was my brother's very first race EVER, so we gave him the lowest mileage and I took the highest. My bro and I were the last two legs, so we boarded a bus and went to the relay exchange. The worst part was to come....the wait. For me, it was the longest wait ever. By the time it was my turn to run (for the last 8 miles of the relay), the sun was up and blazing and 4 hours had passed since the race started. I was exhausted from all the waiting around, but then I was off.

It was over 80 degrees and a very hot December day. The only thing that I remember was seeing people that were running the full hit their wall. Every runner I came to, I would give them some words of encouragement to go on. I so felt for them and then felt bad that I was just starting my run and feeling good.

The best part of the race was crossing the finishing line as a team. As I rounded the corner and could see the finish line there was my crew, waiting for me. Crossing the finish with my loved ones made this a very special race. We will be back Palm Beach....see you next year!

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