Sunday, September 30, 2012

Race Recap: Tower of Terror

I was so very excited about Disney's Tower of Terror 10 Mile Race!! Some of the things that excited me were the medal and the fact that it was a night race, but the #1 thing that excited me was I would be running it with my husband. He is not a runner, but he wanted us to do it together.

Expo: The runDisney Expo seemed smaller than usual (maybe it was just me). I scouted out a few booths....I had to exchange my skirt from Runningskirts for a smaller size, got some fuel at one booth, and I drooled over a shirt from Raw Threads.

Race: The words I will equate to this Tower of Terror Race are: HOT and HUMID. I think a lot of people were not prepared for this heat. Right after the fireworks, we were off and the sweat started dripping early on. We had started off strong. It was weird running at night and it took me a few minutes to get used to it. At about mile 3, my husband started having some serious shin pain. We slowed down to give him a chance to figure out what was going on. I think it's because we hit some big inclines very early on in the race. He never did and he ran with that pain for the next 7 miles. 

The course was filled with haunted characters, which was cool because it was very different than the usual characters. We got to run a little trail run as we ran towards Wide World of Sports. This got a little scary because the course was super narrow and it was dark (outside of the blinking strobe lights). We ended up having to walk most of the trail, just because of the sheer number of runners in such a tight spot. 

The rest of the race was done in typical Disney fashion. As we approached the Tower of Terror, we knew the finish was near. And it was. Crossing the finishing line hand in hand with my hubby was priceless. It was a moment I will never forget.


The After Party: The one thing I had longed for through the entire Tower of Terror race was a beer and that was the first thing I got..yippee! It was so interesting being in Hollywood Studios after hours, at dark. The park was packed. There were runners and family members everywhere. We quickly got some food and found a seat. I had a hot dog with truffle macaroni and cheese....only in Disney, right? We rode the Tower of Terror to cap off the night and then went back to the hotel.

Overall Disney's Tower of Terror 10 mile race was good, minus the humidity. I really enjoyed running at night too. It put a whole new spin on runDisney races. I look forward to hitting the pavement and running it next year.


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