Friday, February 15, 2013

runDisney Curve ball

Whoa! Biggest curve ball of the year goes to runDisney. Today was supposed to be the day. The big announcement for the Disney Princess Half Marathon Meet Up was being announced on the Disney Parks Blog and there were several hundred (maybe even thousand) princesses and princes eagerly waiting the blog and/or tweet. As each hour passed, the anticipation grew. And then it would fade. Then grow again with the thought that 5:00 would be the "final hour." Until we got the tweet about the villains and now the Princess Half meet up announcement is delayed until Monday. 

This major letdown and disappointment was so unexpected and so not runDisney like. I hope this minor blip on the radar means something magical is on the horizon for all of the princesses in waiting.....especially this pavement princess. 

How about you? Did you wait all day refreshing the Disney Parks Blog? What's your story?

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