Monday, March 11, 2013

Can you repeat that?!?!?

I've been battling some shin pain lately, which is bizarre because I normally don't encounter any pain when I run. I thought it was shin splits, so I would ice and tape; but then last week I was getting a new pain around the inner calf area. So I made the decision to head out to my local Fleet Feet store and get a new pair of shoes. Certainly a new pair of running shoes can cure any problem, or so I thought.

My "glass slipper" is a men's shoe. Yes I know what you're thinking, a men's shoe? I have a wide foot and I like the room I get in the toe box in a man's shoe compared to a women's.  When I arrived at Fleet Feet, I was so excited because the owner of the store was working with me. I know several runners who only use him when they go to get shoes. As I tell him I'm in a men's shoe, he seems puzzled. I try on the newer version of the men's shoe I'm in and immediately he told me that I'm not in the right shoe. It's way too big for me and I'm most likely changing the way I run in them. So it all starts to make sense. Then he directs to me a local physical therapist that happen to be in the store. I felt so nervous talking with him because all the runners go to him and I didn't feel worthy...I know, silly right? He asked me a few questions, took a look at my leg, and then found some tender and painful points..ouch. What he said next shocked me....He told me I need an x-ray because I probably have a stress fracture. WHAT?!?!? I wanted to cry right there and then. I had to ask him two to repeat it because I wasn't sure I was hearing him correctly. This would only happen to me....I went in to get new shoes and now I'm leaving to go get an x-ray. Crazy!

Luckily we have a local walk-in that does x-rays. I went right over and had them done. The dr. informed me that she thought she saw something, but wanted to have her higher up look at it and they would call me within a few days. The next day I got the stress fracture. At first I was like "Oh thank goodness!" But then I was like "What?!?" How can one doctor see something and one doctor can't. I'm working on getting an appointment for physical therapy, so I can figure out what's up with my leg. In the meantime, I'm all about, ice, compression, and elevate. 

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