Saturday, March 30, 2013

I Heart the Weekends! Do you?

I just love the weekends! I look forward to them each week. Knowing that the weekend is near makes everything better. 
There are so many things to do from spending time with family & friends, being productive around the house or yard, and of course going for a run. 

This weekend started out great. The hubby had Friday off and it was awesome to have him home. We spent the day working around the house. I kept crossing items off my "to-do" list that haven't be done in a very long time. Then last night, we went to a friends house for good company and laughs. Today we will spend time running some errands, going to the ever dreaded grocery shopping, and then we'll have some time to dye eggs. Later this afternoon, I plan on getting an easy run in too. The weather in sunny FL is beautiful today!

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. I'm looking forward to church and spending time with my family. What are your plans this weekend? 


  1. Hope you have a great Easter :) xoxo

  2. Same for me! I love the weekends too, especially 3 day holiday ones! Happy Easter!! :0) Glad you were able to get a lot done yesterday!

    1. Would it be nice if all weekend were 3 days? I'd be in heaven. Happy Easter!