Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Race Recap: Sarasota Half Marathon & Relay

I'm back from a very quick trip to the west coast of Florida for the First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon and Relay. If you have been following my blog, you know that I was originally signed up for the half marathon but because of some leg issues I have been having I switched to the relay. I was even a little bit worried about whether or not my leg would even hold up for the relay, but turns everything went perfect!

My alarm was set for 5:10 on Sunday morning. It was St. Patrick's Day, but I don't think I ever even put an ounce of green on me. I was all about my race gear and being race ready! I left the hotel around 5:45 and arrived at the race a little after 6:00am. I parked in an open lot across from the Hyatt and used a little boardwalk to walk over to the start of the race. The corrals and race area was so much smaller than I am used to, especially since my last race was the Disney Princess and their corral and race area is the size of a small village. 

I quickly picked up the timing bracelet for the relay and then I set off to meet my relay partner. I was lucky to find my relay partner on the race's Facebook page. We met by the registration tent and my new partner was a delight. Afterwards, I ended up meeting up with some girls I met through Twitter. It was so awesome meeting these ladies that I had been talking to via Twitter. Putting names to faces is so much fun! After a few pics, it was time to get ready to race. Getting into the pace corrals was a bit tight....lots of people and a little space. The race countdown began with a signing of the national anthem and then a quick countdown. Once the race began, we quickly ushered through and were off. As we made the first turn, BAM...mile 1 was complete and the first bridge was staring us down. It seemed dark when we arrived at the base, but the time I got to the top of it, the sun was slowly starting to come up. It was so neat to see the sun rise during the run. 


Once the first bridge was out of the way, for mile 2 we had to run on another bridge. Luckily this bridge was flat, very flat. After both bridges, we ran down to St. Armands Circle and started to head back to the bridges. Getting back over the big bridge the second time was so much harder than getting over it on the first go around. The advantage now was that the sun was rising and the scenery was beautiful. 


After tackling all the bridges, it was time to get ready to meet up with my relay partner at the exchange. 6.12 miles later, we exchanged our timing chip and my partner was off. A little over an hour later, I could see my relay partner arriving at mile 13 and we ran the last 0.1 together to the finish line. What an experience! After crossing the finish line, I received the most amazing medal. I must say...it's fabulous and might be my favorite medal (at least for right now). 

After receiving my medal, I took some pics and headed straight to the beer garden. The whole "beer garden" concept at a race is genius and I will gladly partake in anything beer related. I enjoyed my beer and the beautiful sights along the bay.

                                  Beer Garden

Time to eat!

Afterwards, I grabbed some grub courtesy of First Watch and then it was time to go back to hotel. I was so proud that I made it to this race. I was even more proud that I followed through and completed my leg of the relay. This race was awesome and I would definitely suggest it! Thanks Sarasota!


  1. Love, love, love the medal! I have always wanted to do a relay, that sounds fun. I want to get this medal now, it is so pretty! I will have to add this to the race bucket list for sure!

    Wish I was closer to Florida, b/c there seems to be a bunch down there in a small chunk of time I'd love to do!

    Glad you were able to get the dolphin and come out shining!! Congrats!

  2. The relay was so nice. I knew I couldn't go at it alone with my leg. It's a nice alternative. The medal made every step and mile worth it. Bucket list worthy for sure!