Friday, March 15, 2013

"That" Race

When it rains, it's pours. And anyone that knows me, knows that I am not a fan of the rain. Last week the pain with my leg/shin started. Now that I'm finally starting to get that under control, I think I'm getting sick. Seriously? This afternoon I had a tickle in my throat that has now turned into a sore throat. I came home and had some green tea. Then I took some Emergen-C with the hopes of steering away this sickness. Is it going to work? Who knows? 

I know I don't feel 100% and I can't help but this going to be "that" race. For most runners, "that" race is the race that dreams are made of. The one where all the countless hours of training made a difference or the one where all the conditions are perfect and you PR'd by way more than you expected. For me though, "that" race isn't a race of hopes or dreams. It's the complete opposite. It's the race that scares me. The races that makes me think "what did I get myself into" or "what was I thinking." It's the kind of race where everything goes wrong. I have never had "that" race yet. But I can't help but wonder if on Sunday morning  this race that I will be lining the start line for, will become "that" race. 

I'm hopeful it won't turn out that way. I'm loading up on meds and I've found a new way to tape my leg for shin pain. Maybe things will start to turn around for me in the next 24 hours. 

I hope that this run isn't one I regret. It can't be. I'm mean who knows what will happen. It could end up being the race of my dreams...anything is possible, right?

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