Sunday, May 19, 2013

Expedition Everest: The After-Party

One of the things that drew me to the runDisney Expedition Everest Challenge was the after-party. Wouldn't you want to party all night with the Yeti? I sure did. 
After finishing and receiving our medals, we made our way back through the entrance of Animal Kingdom. There were still participants working through their clues and running toward the finish. Our first stop was for beer. There was a beer cart with cans, but drafts were calling. DinoLand USA was where the action was at. We grabbed a beer and relaxed for a few minutes. 
The New Balance photo station for all #yetigrams through Instagram was also in DinoLand. It was cool to be able to see all the printed photos. But it was crazy because there was one person behind a lonely printer. We just couldn't fathom how one little printer was going to be able to handle the #yetigram madness! 
Once we finished our beers, it was time to move on to the action....riding Everest! My hubby is a HUGE roller coaster fan, so he was stoked. I was a little nervous. The line to get on was super short. Guess who got to go in the very first row, of the first car? Me! I had no clue what to expect. Riding a roller coaster with great friends was awesome. We were all screaming like little kids! If you like roller coasters, then you would love it!
Afterward, it was time for the Kali River Rapids. As you approach this ride, you'll notice that everyone has something in common...they are all wet. I'm not into being drenched while fully clothed, so me, Andrea, and the hubs passed on this ride. LeeAnn and her crew went on. Luckily we discovered some fun of our own. This little button squirted water at people in the river rapids. It was so much fun! People were clueless that they were going to get soaked by us!! Many, many, laughs were had because of this one little button! Good times!
We took advantage of a few more rides and then made our 
way back to all the action, which was outside of DinoLand. There were several characters out and we took advantage of some photo ops. Here's my favorite!
Then everyone was dancing....yes, dancing. Even some of the characters were out shaking their fur! The music was great and the vibe among everyone was amazing! 
By this time, it was a little after 2am and we were all fading. We walked our way back to a very empty parking lot and said our goodbyes. I can't wait until I see Andrea and LeeAnn in a few short months at Disneyland. 

I have run several runDisney races at night and this after-party didn't disappoint. Thanks runDisney for putting on a great party, even though I never did find the Yeti. If you participated in the Everest Challenge, what did you think of the after party?


  1. What a FUN after party! This sounds like such a great race! I hope to run it one day!