Saturday, May 18, 2013

Expedition Everest: The Challenge

Have you ever participated in the runDisney Expedition Everest Challenge before? For me, it was my very first time participating in this event. I really didn't know what to expect when my husband and I registered as a team, but it turned out to be a great experience! 

Arriving to Animal Kingdom was super easy because this runDisney event isn't nearly as large as the others. We arrived around 8:15 and the race didn't start until 10. We met up with Andrea, from Once Upon a Run, and hung out for a little bit before entering the corral. 
Around 9:30, we made our way into the corral (we were in Corral F). The corrals weren't that packed, but like all corrals, it was rather boring. Luckily there was some good music playing and it gave us lots of time to take pictures. There was also snow. Yes snow...not real snow, but there were machines pumping out what seemed like snow. It was a nice little touch to go with the whole Yeti theme. 

At 10:00, the race began. In most runDisney races, the time difference between each corral starting isn't too bad. But for Everest, there was about a 6 min delay between each corral starting. We didn't get started until a little after 10:30. It wasn't my favorite part, but what are you going to do, right?
The race started out with a run around the parking lot. Kind of boring, but then we came to the first challenge....bales of hay. You could walk, hop, or leap over them. My husband acted as though they were hurdles and leaped gracefully across them. I ended up acting like they were some sort of stepping block...I was afraid to try and clear them. I'm just not that coordinated. 

After the first challenge, we entered Animal Kingdom. By this point, we were already encountering runners that were on the scavenger hunt of the race. Mile 1 and 2 came and went. Then we encountered the second challenge...the tires. There was a HUGE line for the tires. You pretty much were at a standstill. Because the tires were so congested, all you could do was walk in, out, in, out. 
After the tires, it was time to run back toward the entrance of Animal Kingdom. We hit Mile 3 right before the final challenge...the crawl. You had to get down and low to crawl under a net. I'm not ashamed to admit it, but I passed on the crawl. Just couldn't do it. 
We approached the finish line of the 5K, but we weren't done. No medals yet. We were given the first clue and a flash light. Now it was time for the real challenge...the clues. Luckily they weren't as hard as I was expecting. 
The last clue was the one that seemed to stump all. As we arrived to the area where the clue was, the scene was weird. Everyone was on the ground. People had their clues all over the ground. You could tell they were looking for something. We soon figured out they were. The last clue involved all four cards. 
You had to manipulate the corners of the clue cards to create a symbol in the center. The symbol was going to be one of the five colored flags on our bib. Early into this task, I knew the answer. I kept telling my husband it was the white flag, but he didn't believe me because the cards didn't seem to match up 100%. To me, they were as close to the white flag as it was going to get. After about 10 more minutes of the hubby doubting me, one of the volunteers confirmed my answer was correct.
We took off to the finish line which led us back toward the entrance of Animal Kingdom. It was kind of like deja vu since we just ran through it during the 5K. Crossing the finish line and getting my new runDisney bling was amazing! 
The runDisney Expedition Everest Challenge was a nice change of pace from racing. Granted, there was definitely room for improvement...the tire challenge was way too time consuming because of the crowd and repeating the 5K course for the scavenger part was a little redundant. I enjoyed my experience because I was in great company and at a great place! Stayed tuned for my next post on the After Party. It was awesome!

If you participated in Expedition Everest, what did you think? 


  1. I haven't participated yet, but I really want to. I love the idea of an obstacle course without mud LOL!

  2. This race intrigues me, might have to add it to the rundisney list!