Friday, May 3, 2013

The Power of One

There is so much going on in our everyday lives that sometimes it's easy to get overwhelmed or feel down about anything. Whether it's down on yourself, your training, or the feeling of stress from everyday life and responsibilities. The thought of "The Power of One" came to me the other day and it stuck with me. 

Think about....the power that one gesture can make in your day? Or your race? Sometimes we all need a little pep in our step and the power of one can do just that. Or the power that one thought or idea can play in your life, or the lives of crazy idea or thought can make all the difference.

The other day, the power of ONE was waiting for me when I got home. I've been feeling run down and I arrived home one day to find a pink little gift bag at my door. It was a gift from my mother in law with a card to make me laugh. I couldn't believe that someone went out of their way for me...just to make me laugh and brighten my day. As crazy as it sounds, it made such a difference. 

This rule applies to so many other aspects of life. I think of my running/training. I have set some very big goals for myself. Goals that scare the crap out of me quite honestly. Sometimes I think to myself "What was I thinking?" or "Am I crazy?" But that ONE thought of setting a goal bigger than life was all I needed to jump start me on a journey. It's the power of ONE because that one goal has now lead me to make other small goals to help me reach the top dog! I mean heck, had I not made that ONE goal out of fear of failure, I could still be sitting on the sidelines watching the world run by. 

With the power of one, my mind also races to just that....races. How many times have you been struggling through a race to hear ONE person call out your name or give you some encouraging words? That ONE gesture can be the difference between finishing or quitting. It's amazing! 
The power of ONE is all around us. Stop and take a look. Believe in can do anything you set your mind to. Or even better, be the power of ONE. Make someone's day, turn someone's frown into a smile....we all have the power to change this moment in time for everyone, including ourselves! 



  1. I love this! So very true! One little gesture or act can make all the difference in the world! :0)