Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The ABCs of Me!

Seems like all my friends are brushing up on their ABCs lately and now I'm fortunate enough to do the same. Some of my favorite blogging girls tagged me in a post that seems to be circling the blogging world. Thanks to Adriana over at Laced Up with Lipstick and Elizabeth over at Rose Gold Buttercream. So here goes nothing....

A. Attached or single? Very happily attached to my husband. We're high school sweethearts. Been together almost 17 years (married for almost nine years) and I can't imagine life without him! 
B. Best Friend? I have lots of great friends, but my mom takes this one. She's my number one girl and I can't imagine my life without her!

C. Cake or Pie? Well this is an easy one....CAKE! I love cake. I have several favorites but they all have one thing in common....butter cream frosting. Check out my recent birthday cake. I get one every year....takes me back to my childhood when I had this cake.
D. Day of the Week? This is a hard one. I love both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is the favorite because it's the weekend and when I get my long runs in, but Sunday is a close second because I get to sleep in. 

E. Essential Item? A drink in my hand. Beer, wine,'ll all work!

F. Favorite Color? Black. Everybody and everything looks better in black, right?

G. Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms? Gummy Worms because I like to bite off their heads first before eating the rest. The bears are just too small.

H. Hometown? Born and raised in Florida. True Native and wouldn't have it any other way.

I. Favorite Indulgence? Cupcakes, cupcakes, and more cupcakes.

J. January or July? July for several's my birthday month, it screams summer, and I enjoy 4th of July!

K. Kids? One. I just love my little boy. He's 6 going on 16 and he gets his sass from me. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

L. Life isn't complete without? Family. My family is the reason for my existence. From my immediate family members (my mom and brother), to my little family of three, I love my family!

M. Marriage Date? The fall of 2004.

N. Number of brothers/sisters. Just crazy younger brother.

O. Oranges or apples? Apples...I prefer green apples over the rest. I'm not really into oranges because of all the skin.

P. Phobias? Death. I'll admit it...I'm a control freak and this is the one thing that's 110% out of my control. It's the only thing I fear!

Q. Favorite quote? Respect isn't given. It's earned. This is so true for my running. You've got to respect the pavement and the distance.

R. Reason to smile? Because life is GREAT! 

S. Season of Choice? Summer....I love everything about in the sun, BBQ, beach time, and did I mention that my birthday is in July?

T. Tag 5 People: Here are some of my favorite bloggers: Julie at Run.Walk.FASTPASS.Repeat, Andrea at Once Upon a Run,  Jill at Mrs. CrashMattB Thinks Aloud, Maggie at Just Me, and  Jen at Travel Girl on the Run

U. Unknown fact about me? I love to color! It's such a stress reliever. I even won a coloring contest back in the day (in 5th grade). 

V. Favorite vegetable? Asparagus. I love having it grilled!

W. Worst habit? My sailor mouth. Yes...I have a problem with curse words (at times...LOL)

X. X-Ray or Ultrasound? X-Ray...I think it's cool to see the bones.

Y. Your favorite food? This is the hardest question out of the entire post. I'm even thinking along the lines of my last meal and I still can't narrow down. So here are my favorites; I can't just pick one: sushi, burgers, tacos, macaroni and cheese, and pizza.

Z. Zodiac Sign? Cancer. There are times I swear I act like a complete crab, but other times not so much.

Hopefully you've learned a little bit about me and still want to come back for more....ha, ha!

Take a moment and leave me an interesting fact about yourself! 


  1. My mom is definitely my #1 gal too! We're having a blast planning my wedding together (all the girly details).
    I can NEVER narrow down my favorite food, I just love too many thing! :)
    It was fun to learn more about you :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

    1. There's nothing better than planning a wedding with your mom by your side. It's both of your dreams coming true. Treasure every moment!

  2. Aww, I love my mom too! We have always been really close. I also love buttercream icing, it's the best! I also love to color and was that kid and teacher with the biggest crayon collection :). I also fear death, I used to not but since having children I do. I worry about how will they be taken care of if something happens to me.

    1. We've got so much in common! :o) The bigger the crayon collection, the better! I'm right there with ya about leaving my child if something happens to me. The thought takes my breath away and I can't even fathom it. It will always be my biggest fear!

  3. Oh boy, thanks for the tag! Lol. I love asparagus grilled too, I forgot about that. Death is also a big fear of mine too, didn't think about that being a choice, but it definitely is one for me. We have a lot in common, fun to read!

  4. Also, I won a coloring contest too!

  5. I always thought I didn't like asparagus, until I had it grilled.

  6. Well, I don't know if your birthday has passed already, or if its coming up, but regardless, happy birthday new blog friend!! :-)

  7. Love reading these! Asparagus is a favorite of mine, too...and grilled! :0)