Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekly Workout Rewind: Week of July 22nd

This week was definitely out of the norm for me. I was in Canada for most of the week with a jam packed schedule. Not used to being so busy! Unfortunately I didn't get in as many runs as I wanted to, but some runs are better than no runs at all. On my trip we had two full days of walking tours and thanks to my Jawbone Up I was able to track how far we went. I just love this little thing!  
Today closes out week nine of marathon training. I can't believe next week is the half way point and boy does the mileage start getting up there. Kind of scared, but excited. So let's rewind and see how my crazy week went.

Monday:  3 mile walk around Montreal
Tuesday:  2.5 Mile run on the treadmill
Wednesday:  3 mile walk around Quebec City
Thursday:  Nothing but flying all day
Friday:  Rest
Saturday:  30 minutes on the elliptical
Sunday:  6 mile run

So how did your week go? Share it with me! 


  1. It was an ok week. I did scheduled runs on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The humidity is out of control, even first thing in the morning, and it's causing some problems.

    I hope you had a wonderful time in Canada!

  2. I have a Fitbit but always forget to use it because I have to actually clip it on my pants, I was looking into the Jawbone Up or Fitbit Flex. Great job still getting in your long run. Traveling is fun but really throws off the routine, right?! Welcome home! :)

  3. Despite being out of town, you did great with your workouts! Glad you had fun!! :0)