Monday, August 26, 2013

Virtual Races for a Good Cause

Have you ever done a virtual race? I've seen them floating around Facebook and Twitter, but I really didn't pay attention to the hype. All that changed very quickly when I found out about Jost Running. There are a few things that caught my attention with this virtual race...the bling offered was pretty impressive, the flexibility, and the price was reasonable. But most of all, it was the connection to the ALS Association (helping those with ALS-Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis-otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's Disease).

My mom has always been active helping our local ALS chapter. Every year we participate in the ALS walk and other local fundraisers. Unfortunately, this all hit way too close to home earlier this year when a close family friend was diagnosed with ALS. Being able to participate in a race that gives proceeds back to the ALS Association is huge! Because of this, I'm proud to be apart of the Jost Running family! 

So you might be wondering how this whole virtual race concept works. Well it couldn't be easier. You pick the race you want to participate in (scope out the bling before you decide because the choices are awesome). Then you register for your race, print your personalized bib, and then run your distance during a specific week. It's so easy and the prices are reasonable for race standards ($25 for the 5K/10K race, $35 for the 13.1/26.2 race). Look how cool the bib is...
I chose to do the 10K and half marathon. Luckily my training runs are long these days so almost any distance would work for me. It's so flexible, I'm sure you'll find something that works for you. 

Now for some bling. When these arrived in the mail today, I was speechless. First I unwrapped the hot dog medal. I just love the concept of the hot dog for some reason. Then I unwrapped the half marathon medal. It took my breath's big, shiny, and the middle spins. Can you say awesome? Check them out....            
If you've been thinking about trying a virtual race, head over to Jost Running and check out their race offerings. Use code "Carbload" to get 15% off any of their Oktoberfest races. I'm super excited about next months race. Hopefully you can get in on the action too!


  1. Cute medals, love the baseball theme. I did one virtual run last winter. It is a nice way to support a charity!

  2. Love these virtual races! I just did my first one! Love that bling! I'm off to check out the website.

  3. Love these medals!!!! Some of my favorites! I cannot wait to earn the Soaring one this month!