Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend: The Best 10K Ever

The title of my blog post says it all...the inaugural Disneyland 10K was the BEST race ever! I have to give big props to runDisney for expanding their race offerings by adding the 10K distance. It really is the perfect distance for people that are looking for more than a 5K, but might not be ready to tackle a half marathon yet. 

The 10K kicked off Day 1 of the runDisney Dumbo Double Dare Challenge. My hubby and I arrived at the start of the race around 5:15. The race didn't start until 6:15, so we had some time to wait. Joe was running the 5K, so he didn't have much time to hang out. There is always so much hustle and bustle in the air before a race. While waiting, I met up with my fellow blogger friend Kristen and we chatted for awhile and took some selfies. Then I ran into Brian, Pavement Runner. He's my #pavementtwin from Twitter. Ironically, we both had similar ideas for costumes (and no we didn't plan it). He was Mickey and I was Minnie! We just had to take a picture together! 

After a bunch of picture taking, it was time to head to the corrals. Kristen and I were both in Corral D, so we got to hang out for a little bit longer. The corrals were really full by the time we got there. Luckily we were able to maneuver our way through to get far enough towards the front. 

And just like that the first corral was off. Corral C and D went together, which was weird because all the people in Corral D thought we were just moving up when it reality we were starting. Ha! The moment I crossed that starting line is when the magic began! One of the best parts of the runDisney Disneyland 10K was all the time you actually get to run through the parks. Check out the map:

We took off running around the main road leading to the Disneyland resorts and went through the Anaheim Convention Center. After that first mile, we made our way back to the parks...yippee! We entered through the back of Cars Land and spent the remaining time in the parks. 

And then it was time for the castle...this is the BEST part of any runDisney race that goes through either Disneyland or Magic Kingdom! I'll be honest though...I just couldn't get used to Sleeping Beauty's castle. I'm a Florida girl and Cinderella's castle has been magical to me since I was a child. So seeing the castle at Disneyland didn't really have the "wow" factor for me. But nonetheless, it's still Disney and it was amazing to run through!
Overall this was the BEST race ever! I just can't stress it enough. The 10K was a great way to kick off the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge! 
If you ran the 10K, what was your favorite part? If you didn't run at the Disneyland 10K, how do you feel about runDisney offering 10K races now?


  1. I agree - this has to be one of the best races ever! I really enjoyed it - and I loved hanging out with you!!! :)

    1. I loved hanging out with you as well! I hope we get to do it again soon at another runDisney race!

  2. I want to do it SOOOOO badly! Looks like a blast. I had so much fun following you all weekend. Sharing your posts in my blog!

    1. The only thing missing at this race was you Julie! You SO should have been there! Next time for sure!