Sunday, September 8, 2013

Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend: The Expo

One of the most exciting parts about heading to a runDisney race, is the expo. There's so much excitement in the air when you arrive! From getting your bib to shopping the vendors, there's a lot to do. The runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon expo turned out to be quite an adventure!
The hubby and I woke up bright and early on Friday morning! I wanted to get to the expo early and line up. Normally I don't get to the expo until day two and I wanted to experience the hype and camaraderie of being in line with all the runners! With a Starbucks coffee in hand, we arrived to the Disneyland resort at 8:00. 
We got in the official race merchandise line. I didn't want to miss out on any merchandise like I did at Princess this year. Silly me thought the expo opened at 9:00. Wrong. It didn't open until 10:00. But that was okay because we ended up running into some amazing people while in line and met some new people too! 

Right before 10, the line started to move! The moment we entered the official merchandise area of the expo, it was crazy! And I mean worse than Black Friday shoppers crazy! I have never seen so many people grabbing whatever they could get there hands on. I was after two things: an "I Did It" shirt and a Dumbo Double Dare magnet. Luckily I got both! I also scored a really cute Sparkle Skirt and a pair of purple ProCompression socks. 
While in line to check out, I met Kristen Smith, a fellow blogger and Twitter friend! Waiting in line had never been so much fun before!
It's so cool meeting people from Twitter that I feel like I already know! I also saw Jen Clark while scoping out some Sweaty Bands! We didn't get to chat for long because the display was being taken over by eager runners looking for merchandise!

After we checked out with our goodies, it was down to packet pickup and that's where the craziness ensued! The line to get down into packet pickup seemed so disorganized. There were multiple lines going into one with runDisney peeps getting everyone confused. Luckily our line made it down into the pick up area and the actual pickup went smoothly.

The line out of packet pick up was the worst. We had to get back up into the expo to get our t-shirts. After spending about 45 minutes in line in the blazing sun, we were finally able to get into the expo. The whole waiting in the sun concept wasn't fun.

It didn't take too long to get our shirts. As soon as we got them, we high tailed it out of there. We spent WAY longer that I wanted to at the expo...almost 4 hours (counting the waiting in line of course)! But I was able to get everything I wanted and we didn't need to worry about going back! 

What did you think of the expo? Were you able to get everything you wanted? 


  1. I'm so glad we got to stand in line together :). You already know I bought WAY too much that day!!!

  2. So cool you got to hang out with Kristen! It's funny, usually Black Friday shoppers are looking for a super cheap deal. These shoppers are going crazy for stuff that is ridiculously overpriced! Haha. Glad to hear you survived and that you got what you wanted.