Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekly Workout Rewind: 2 For 1

So I've been a little behind in my Weekly Workout Rewind posts. Time just seems to get away from me. I keep thinking I'll get my post done and then who knows what happens. So I'm going to recap the last two weeks in one post...

Week of November 4th:
I did pretty good getting my shorter runs in. My IT band had been acting up, but I got it done. I pushed my 20 mile run to Monday since I had off from work for Veteran's Day.

Week of November 11th:
I got my 20 mile run in...woot woot! I officially entered the taper zone for my marathon. My IT band still gave me some problems. It definitely has my attention and I hope the icing and foam rolling starts to pay off. After my 20 mile run, I took the rest of the week off because I had a half marathon on Sunday. Turns out the my half was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.....a 5 minute PR and my fastest half ever! I can't wait to recap the St. Augustine Half Marathon for you. Stayed tuned!

How are your weekly runs going? Do you find it hard to stay on top of weekly posts about your training? What's your secret?


  1. I am recapping as we speak!

    It is hard to stay on top of weekly recaps because so much is going on! And then I kind of miss the opportunity and feel silly going back, so I do them as I get to them!