Tuesday, January 21, 2014

runDisney WDW Minnie 10K Recap

I really have to give it to runDisney! One of the best things they did was start to add the 10K distance to their races. I had been looking forward to the WDW Minnie 10K for months. This race was special for me because I was running it with my mom. Our last runDisney race together was Princess 2012. I was also super excited to be running an inaugural race. I hope to run this race every single year. 
The morning started with another super early wake up call. This one was earlier than the day before for the 5K. Getting to the race and parked was not an issue. I'm amazed how easily getting to the race is when I stay off site. 

When my mom and arrived into the sea of runners, the excitement was the in the air. I always love taking time out to stop and soak up the runDisney magic. And it was cool seeing it through my mom's eyes too! She was so amazed by the masses of people and all the different costumes. 

One of my favorite parts of the race was running into so many friends. Some I have met before and some I finally got to meet from Twitter. I wish I would have gotten to take a pic with everyone I got to chat with that morning! Here are a few that I did get: 
I finally got to meet Kristin!
@bamagirlruns loves all things Disney!
My mom and I ran into Pam and Christine!
There's nothing better than a mother/daugther combo
like @werundisney
Say hello to Ashley from @ashley_city! Loved
meeting another fellow Ashley (and Minnie)!
After chatting and some more waiting around, we finally made our way into the corrals. It seemed a little long for Corral D to take off. But once the fireworks came, the wait was a distant memory because I was running at Disney! 
I'll be honest. The first three miles weren't "magical." It was just us and the pavement. I guess I'm just used to the feeling I get running through the parks. I was a little worried about my foot early on and the parks would've been a good distraction. We decided to keep our pace nice and easy. I didn't want to overdue it with my foot.

I couldn't wait to hit Epcot....this is my new favorite park. I loved seeing the sights and taking it all in. I felt like a tour guide showing my mom all the different countries. Tour Guide Ashley at your service!

One great part about the route for this race was running along the Boardwalk. My mom loved this part. There were people every where cheering. It was a good way to get hyped up before the last part of the race. 

As we approach the finished, we had to stop and snap a pic. These memories are priceless!
And of course I loved my new bling! Isn't she pretty?
Keep the 10K's coming runDisney! I'll be back next year for sure. And I'm looking forward to the 10K next month at Princess

If you ran this race, what did you think? If you didn't, what do you think of runDisney adding 10Ks to their lineup? 


  1. I adore the 10k distance so I'm really looking forward to running a runDisney 10k soon! Love the Minnie costume, it matches the medal so nicely. :)

  2. Awesome recap! Glad you had a great race. I ran the 10K as part of the Dopey Challenge, but in general, it's such a great distance. It was definitely exciting to run an inaugural race, and it looks like you had a lot of fun along the way! :-D