Tuesday, January 14, 2014

WDW Marathon Expo

Let's be honest....runDisney Health and Fitness Expos can be CRAZY! Like shopping on Black Friday crazy. Wouldn't you agree? There was part of me that was dreading the expo on opening day. I arrived about 30 minutes after the expo opened. I was ready for long lines to get in, craziness trying to look at merchandise, and then a forever long checkout line. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised as this was not the case. 

The runDisney WDW Marathon Expo was the best expo I've been to yet! There were practically no lines...very little waiting. Getting in was a breeze. Navigating the vendors was seamless. And checking out? I was able to walk right up to a cashier. Great job runDisney! I hope all expos in the future mirror this one. 
Packet pick up was well organized and spread out. Depending which race you were running, you had to pick up your packet on either the first or second floor. This really helped with crowd control. Once you picked up your bib, you had to head into the expo to get your t-shirt if you were running the 5K and/or 10K. If you were running Goofy or Dopey, you were able to get your shirt in the same location as packet pick up. Exchanging sizes for t-shirts was not a problem. This was welcomed by runners! 

Let's talk merchandise. I remember the expo for Princess this year. The line to get into the official race merchandise area was ridiculous. So ridiculous that I never even made it in. But this expo had an abundance of merchandise. No worries about anything running out (except maybe the runDisney New Balance shoes). 
So what did I get? Well I opted for the new Mickey Vinylmation. After rolling the dice of the yellow or green one, I ended up with the the yellow one in my box. He's so stinkin' cute. Did you know that INKnBURN was at the expo? This made me super excited. I had to pick up a shirt from them. And it came in a cool drawstring bag. This booth was hopping with lots of people too! I got to see Crystal, Linzie, Jen, and Jill...loved all the friendly faces! I also got a long sleeve running shirt from the RunningSkirts booth. I had been eyeing one online forever and they were 40% off....score! 

One fun part of the expo was the cool photo booth area. You could get your picture taken and then choose from one of the race characters (Pluto, Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, and Dopey) to be the theme of your photo. I have never participated in this photo booth before, but I'm so glad I did because this is my new favorite picture!

If you attended the runDisney WDW Marathon expo, what did you think? Did you pick up any goodies? 


  1. I'm so glad the expo wasn't a mess like Princess and Dumbo were last year! I hope I have a good experience during Wine and Dine this year!

  2. We went to the expo on Saturday and I was so surprised that there were no lines for bib or packet pickup! It was awesome. Wine and Dine was VERY crowded and overwhelming. This was a relaxing experience and we also had fun checking out all of the vendors. Maybe Disney should think about opening the expo an extra day during the "shorter" runDisney weekends? I know last year's PHM expo was also nuts! :)
    This one was the best I've been to!
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  3. Love your pic! Glad to hear it went so smoothly; hoping Tink expo runs as well!

  4. Cute pic! That Expo can absolutely be a mad house. Glad to hear it was more managable.

  5. I had a great experience at the expo on Friday afternoon too -- not crowded and rarely a line!

  6. I love that picture you took! It's the cutest one I've seen!

  7. So cute! Did you have to have an Instagram account to do that pictures?

  8. I'm really hoping they have the photobooth for PHM this year.. it looks so fun!