Monday, February 24, 2014

runDisney Cinderella Royal Family 5K

You know when the alarm goes off super early, it's time to runDisney! A 3:45am wake up call, got me up and out of bed for the runDisney Cinderella Royal Family 5K! I was super excited about this race because it was kicking off my runDisney weekend! 

For this race, I was lucky enough to stay on a Disney property at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Being on property for a runDisney race makes transportation easy for runners and spectators. You walk right out of your hotel and the buses are waiting for you! I boarded the bus at 4:30am and it was filled with princesses and princes alike. We were all pumped up! 
When the bus arrived at the start, it was a short walk to the waiting/corral area. The dj was playing music and it was like one big dance party. And of course this princess was dancing! At this point, I said goodbye to my husband and headed to the corrals. My corral didn't start right away, so I got to watch all the different corrals walk their way to the start. Everyone was cheering and I loved seeing all the different people. There were so many family teams and people of all ages. I loved seeing a lot of kids running with their parents. It's never to early to runDisney!

Before I knew it, our corral was headed to the start. The race announcers counted down and then came the fireworks! I don't care how many runDisney races I've done, these never get old.
Being at the front of the corral made me take off super fast. Like faster than ever....I felt alive! One of my favorite things about runDisney 5Ks is how much time you get in the park. There isn't any main road running for this race. From the start, you run a mile to the outside of the park. Then you stay in Epcot until right before you arrive at the finish.
Photo from the official Princess race program
I love running around Epcot and taking in the sights. From the different countries to all the runners and costumes, there's always something to look at. I ran this race solo and took time snapping some pics. 
I get so excited when the course reaches Spaceship Earth. The finish line is close at this point.
As you arrive at mile three, you can hear the finish line. The energy is amazing! You can hear the announcers, the music, and the crowd! It makes me run my heart out every time! And of course, look what's waiting for you after you cross. How's that for some runDisney bling?!?
After you cross the finish line and get your medal, you can take a finisher photo. There's always a cute picture background that's the same theme of the race. Some of my favorite pictures come from this photo op! 
I met up with the hubs right after my pic. On our way out, I ran into a few princesses that I knew and chatted for a little bit. Then there was time for one last pic. This is the only place on Earth where you can truly feel like a princess! 
Have you done a 5K at Disney? If so, what was your experience like. If you ran the Cinderella Royal Family 5K, what was your favorite part of the race?

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