Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A runDisney Avengers Sell Out!

It's no secret, that runDisney's popularity has been growing! Races are selling out faster than ever and the world is taking notice! With the addition of the inaugural Avengers Half Marathon Weekend at Disneyland, the question wasn't would it sell out, it was how long will it take.

And today we got the answer! In 26 minutes the Avengers 5K sold out and the Avengers Half sold out right under 2 hours (according to runDisney's Twitter account, the tweet that it was sold out came out 1 hour and 56 minutes after registration opened).
I'm not surprised that the 5K sold out so quickly, although I do think it was the fastest runDisney 5K sell out ever! After participating in the last two 5Ks at WDW, I see why the 5K is a popular race! It's the perfect distance and it gives runners and walkers alike the chance to earn some runDisney bling!

I am surprised that the Avengers Half Marathon took as long as it did to sell out. I was expecting a very quick sell out since this is a west coast race and a very popular theme. Don't get me wrong, a less than two hour sell out is quick, but I thought it would be like Dumbo Double Dare quick!  

Were you one of the lucky ones that will get a chance to #SmashtheHalf at the runDisney Avengers Half Marathon Weekend? Are you surprised by how fast the runDisney races are selling out?


  1. Insanity! That's what it is! I am not running it, but I am not surprised at all how fast it went!

  2. I thought it would sell out faster than Dumbo - it still didn't take long!

  3. I too thought it would have sold out faster than it did. Nonetheless, it still went quickly!

    1. It did go quick! Guess that will be the new normal for runDisney!