Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shame On You!

I can't take it anymore. What is up lately with the issues in the running community?!?! I'm very sheltered with my little blog and Twitter friends who are 110% supportive of my running. But outside of my bubble, the running world is being attacked. I don't normally like to focus on the negative, but these couldn't be avoided! 

Let's start with the totally no where near witty or pretty, Ashley Hesseltine. She crashed the Georgia Half-Marathon as a bandit runner and then wrote a vial blog post about it. 
The social media world was a buzz about her post and yet, she doesn't see anything wrong with what she did. First off, she took the whole selfie during a race idea from Kelly Roberts (the NYC half #hottie selfie picture taking girl). And then, she didn't pay for a race, she slammed law enforcement, used the word rape inappropriately, and after the fact, she tried to edit her blog post because she was feeling the heat. She's proud of her new page views (because that's what's important in life) and she calls it "comedy" in a tweet from today, I call it shame on you! 
And now we're at the ever so unpopular Self Magazine. I mean seriously, what were you guys thinking? The whole universe is buzzing about their use of the word "lame" in their BS meter article for an amazing runner with brain cancer that chose to run in a tutu. 
Obviously your audience isn't female runners because if it were, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that we like to run in tutus. In fact, we kick some ass on the pavement when we run in tutus. Finally an apology tweet went out today about this lapse of judgement, but it was a day late and a dollar short. Not only are you guys lame, but shame on you too! 

So there's my rant! Now I know I'm not perfect, but at least I can sleep at night. As for these two offenders, I'm not sure they can say the same. 


  1. Well said! Runners are my family and we band together when people attack what we love. Again, well said!

  2. Yeah...that Ashley chick here in my town - she is a thief plain and simple. Her attitude and comments SO negative, who needs that? I am PROUD to say I didn't read her post...though really I saw some snippets because she is local. So sad...And the whole Self Magazine thing...holy people in editing do their jobs cuz calling ANYONE lame who does a marathon? Hello. OK my rant is over too. No better than anyone else but man this week has been crazy.

  3. Gah! Both of these situations are insane. I just don't get how in both instances people though the actions/words were ok.
    As a lame tutu runner, I won't be reading Self anytime soon.
    It seems like ,at least in these two instances, no one wants to OWN their actions. I know sometimes the fall out is unexpected, but maybe if people spent more time thinking of the possible repercussions things like this wouldn't happen.

  4. My thoughts exactly. I was so mad about the bandit runner, until someone so kindly reminded me on Twitter that she wan't worth my time and energy to get worked up. I have to keep reminding myself of that because it makes me so angry.

  5. I am new to the running community. If there is anything I have learned it's that the running community is insanely supportive (obviously there's a few prunes in the bunch, but that's with everything in life). When I saw the SELF flub, I told my husband that they really screwed up - they attacked the running community. And, that I wasn't surprised by how the community has rallied behind not just the fact that this runner has cancer, but also the fact that we can wear whatever we want while we run. Who cares if someone wants to wear a tutu or a sparkle shirt, or a superhero cape. We're out there running - we're having fun. We're doing something about our health and wellness. I was scared to start running because I was afraid of being slow, taking last, being made fun of - but I've learned that that is not the case. This is an amazing group of people and I'm so proud to be a part of it.

    Now, as for this bandit story. I hadn't heard of it until this morning - after reading her blog, I'm so disappointed. First, I'm disappointed that she did this, bragged about it and thinks she did nothing wrong. Second, I'm disappointed in the things the running community has said to her, the names they've called her, etc. I don't have a problem with the fact that she's been called out and that attention has been given to her dishonesty - but she's been called every ugly name in the book, names that have nothing to do with cheating (really, does this make her a whore?) Anyway, my hope is that she finds it in her heart to pay for the race she originally said she didn't want to pay for (but later changed it because of the outrage) and sends a check to the charity that was benefited. I hope that her increase in page likes doesn't result in her being able to utilize her blog for freebies or free entries - I hope people/race organizers do their research before providing her VIP access and benefits. And, I hope that once she quits looking at this as people trolling and something funny, she learns a valuable lesson about actions and consequences.

  6. The running community is supposed to be my escape from all this kind of drama and BS that I deal with on a daily basis in the trans community. It's supposed to be supportive and uplifting and that's all I've really known it to be. I'm just hoping things calm back down soon.

  7. Yes, I'm ready to hear about the good stuff again. As far as the GA Half runner, well, karma's a bitch. She is trying to play this off like she is an actual comedian and it was a publicity "stunt" to show off how great Atlanta is. That would be an epic fail. But, by the way she's reacting, it appears that she may just be a very unhappy person and I'm beginning to actually feel sorry for her.

  8. It's been a crazy week for sure. Both incidents make my head hurt.

  9. Love this post. It's crazy to think a running community filled with such amazing people can find such drama. I hope it's done. Things usually come in 3s right!?!?