Monday, May 5, 2014

For Your Mother Runner

Mother's Day is fast approaching! In just a few days, you'll get to shower your mom with love and hopefully an extra special gift or two! Have you given any thought to what to get your fabulous mom? Whether you're a son or daughter, or husband shopping for your wife, here are some gift ideas for your mother runner! 

Jewelry: How about a Mother Runner Pendant from the Another Mother Runner Store? This is a classic necklace for all mother runners! 
Photo from Another Mother Runner
Clothing: Check out the awesome Every Mother Counts (EMC) line from Oiselle! The EMC collection has something perfect for your mother runner! And the best part is that 40% of your purchase will go directly to Every Mother Counts, an advocacy group aimed at reducing maternal mortality in childbirth. 
Photo from the Oiselle running blog

Fuel: Your mother runner needs energy to be as fabulous as she is! How about treating her to some Nuun Energy tabs? This way she'll have the energy she needs both on and off the pavement! 
Photo from Nuun
These are my top three picks for your mother runner! How do you plan on showing your mom some extra special love on Mother's Day? 


  1. Too bad my mom isn't a runner - I haven't even begun thinking about Mother's Day gifts!!! DOH!

  2. Great gift ideas! I haven't even thought about what to get my mom! Yikes...

  3. Love those gift ideas, especially the pendant and the EMC collection. I got my mom a 13.1 necklace from Gone For a Run that also has her birthstone. Hopefully she'll like it.