Saturday, June 28, 2014

Product Review: Be Real Shoes

Here's a product review from my Pavement Prince (AKA My hubby, Joe). He had a chance to try out Be Real shoes and here's what he thought. Enjoy!
With a tag line like Go Barefoot...Be Real, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a pair of these to take for a test drive.  Be Real shoes are barefoot, athletic shoes for running and surfing. 
Pic from Be Real
Since these are promoted as a 3-in-1 shoe, I wanted to test them on multiple terrains for the review. Think treadmill, pavement, and grass. 

I chose to do treadmill runs with the shoes first. The two things I like about running the mill with these shoes were the grip was amazing and my feet remained cool because of the breathable uppers of the shoes.
After really putting my Be Real shoes to the test indoors, I took them outdoors. My fear was that after running my feet and ankles would both be incredibly sore, but I was shocked because my feet felt great and my ankles even better. Having the freedom between my toes was liberating and the wide toe box was a definite plus in my opinion.  

I even did a few short runs on the grass too. Even though the terrain changed, the grip remained constant and that's a huge perk for these shoes. 
After knowing these shoes can withstand different terrains, it was time to focus on the appeal and shoe itself. Visually appealing? Unfortunately not! At first glance, I thought they would look like clown shoes on me because of their size. But honestly, they just seemed bigger than they were! The fit was perfect and the toe box actually added extra comfort while running!

Overall, I like the shoe, I'm not a fan of the look but I love the performance and all that Be Real stands for!  Next, I plan to test them out as a water shoe, whenever I can get around to breaking out the Paddleboards!  Next time you feel like going barefoot, why don't you Be Real instead?

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