Sunday, August 17, 2014

#chiMarathon Training: Weeks 9 and 10

I've been kind of MIA for while. The last two weeks have flown by and I have completly neglected my blog and for the last week, my training. See what happens when you're off all summer and then're back to school?!?! I didn't realize what a luxury being off was until I was back at the grind. 

Week nine of training for the Chicago Marathon was pretty good. It was a step back week, so the long run was only 13.1. I'm still lacking when it comes to cross training and need to get my butt in gear with it. 

Here's how week nine of #chiMarathon training went:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4 Miles
Wednesday: 7 Miles
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 4 Miles
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 13.1 Miles
Weekly Mileage: 28 Miles

Now week 10 (this past week) was a completely different story. I knew the first week back to school was going to be crazy. I started a new position at my school which is exciting and scary at the same time. With my new role, there's lots to learn and in a little bit of time. On top of that, there were meetings almost every day. The days started early and ended late. Because of this I felt like I was drowning. I felt like a horrible mom and wife because at home I was consumed with back to school stuff. And consumed is putting it lightly. I was unbelievably tired too. My body was not happy with this new schedule. So I had to make a decision. Something had to give and it was my running. I realized that I wasn't superwoman and getting everything done this week wasn't going to happen. Once I made this realization, I felt better. Sure I was still overwhelmed, but there was now one less thing to worry about. 

So week 10 of training for #chiMarathon was a big whopping 3 miles. Yep. I even contemplated trying to attempt the 17 mile long run that was on schedule for today, but instead I listened to that little voice of reason in my head. Next week's long run is 18 miles, so the chance for redemption is there. 
Sometimes an unexpected break can good for the soul. I hope I didn't cause too much of a setback in my training. I'm looking forward to a new week, so I can get back on track. 

Have you ever had a break in your training? If not, what's your trick for balancing it all? 


  1. Oh, yes. There have been breaks. Some have been inadvertent, and some have been because my body just couldn't do it anymore. It happens. And I think you're handling it just as you should - putting it behind you and moving ahead to the next thing.

    Best of luck with your new position! Everything is going to work out great!

  2. I had a break in my training when I got injured last summer and I also have had to significantly rearrange at least half of my long runs this summer because of funerals, illnesses, guests, and traveling. This has been the busiest summer for my wife and I in our 7 year marriage - we seriously have only had two weekends when we didn't have multiple commitments. Fortunately, my training is going very well. I've held firm with getting long runs in, but with the midweek runs I've either cut back on the mileage or combined them into two runs. I have been regularly cross-training and I like to think that the miles I do on the elliptical count as training miles (especially when I do them in reverse). The biggest danger area that I've encountered after breaks in training is trying to get back onto the plan by making a major jump in mileage. I did that last summer and had two totally awful training runs. I managed to get back onto the schedule, but I'm still surprised that I didn't get hurt and that the worst thing that happened was that I couldn't eat for over an hour after I was done. If I had to miss multiple runs again, I'd work my way back gradually. An injury will set training back far worse than a cutback in mileage!