Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Shenanigans

We've been back to the grind for a few days now since returning from St. Augustine. Our little Thanksgiving vacation visiting family was perfect! I hope it becomes an annual tradition. 

Thanksgiving itself was amazing and as for stressing about what I was going to eat, well I was worried for nothing. The food was great and I enjoyed things in moderation. I did find a local Weight Watchers in St. Augstine where I weighed in for week seven. My weight loss streak ended and I gained a pound. It could have been SO much worse, I know. But I was slightly disappointed at first. Then I realized that I was more proud of myself for weighing in while on "vacation" and just after Thanksgiving. That in itself is a win! 

One perk of being on vacay and away from the daily grind was being able to run whenever I wanted. It was freeing to just be able to lace up and go. Running along  the beautiful scenery of St. Augustine was easy on the eyes too! I managed to run once with my mom and got my long run in too. 

Eventually the fun had to come to an end. I am glad to be back home and settled into my routine. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! 

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  1. Awesome job, Ashley! Sounds like a great time in St. that town! :)