Monday, March 2, 2015

Marathon Monday

TCS New York City Marathon. If your ears just perked up a little, then this Marathon Monday blog post is for you. 
Tomorrow is the big day: runners around the globe find out if they hit the lottery! The lottery to run the TCS New York City Marathon. Good luck to you! 

So how will you know if you're one of the lucky ones?? Here's what the race peeps say will happen IN ORDER: 

-Your credit card will charged. Cha-ching! 
-In your My NYRR account, you will get an alert that says "You have been accepted into the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon."
-Your registration status will change to "Accepted." And of course awesome!
-You will get a confirmation email that you've been accepted by the end of the day. This applies to everyone that been accepted or not. 

So if you're like the thousands of runners out there that have been counting down the days to March 3rd, I would be checking your credit card to see if you are charged first. If you see a charge, you're in! 
Did you enter the TCS New York City Marathon lottery this year? If so, is this a first time for you? I didn't enter, but I'm wishing everyone good luck!

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  1. So excited to find out what runners in my local group got spots. I received my confirmation with a time qualification but really need some of my pals to get in too. :)