Saturday, May 2, 2015

Running from Reality

6 weeks: that's how long it's been since my last blog post. You're probably wondering where I've been. Heck, I've been wondering the same thing. Once we got back from our trip to Las Vegas, I kind of fell off the wagon....with everything: blogging, weight watchers, running, etc. You name it, I was slacking. But I'm back.....

So what happened? Who knows? I know I over indulged on our vacation and it was worth it...every calorie, every point. But it took awhile to get back into the swing of things with Weight Watchers. The good news is for the last two weeks I'm back in the game and the scale is consistently going down now. Today's weigh in was amazing...I'm down 36.2 pounds total and getting so close to my goal weight.
As for my running, well I'm literally running from reality when it comes to hitting the pavement. I've been slowly working on my mileage: 3 miles here, 4 miles there, and things were going fine. But then the minute I hit 5 miles, my leg started acting up again. The same leg from Goofy in January. And it's been acting up ever since. 
This was three weeks ago and I haven't run since. I'm completely frustrated by it. I've decided to see a dr that is a runner because I'm sick of being told "just stop running." That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. 

I did have to come up with the realization that a fall marathon is not in the cards for me this year. My dreams of running the Chicago Marathon will stay just that, dreams. I couldn't justify signing up for a marathon when I can barely run right now. Seems like every time I attempt my second 26.2, something happens and I don't want that to be the case again. For right now, I don't have a single race on my calendar. It's pathetic, I know. But I've got to figure out my leg first before I even think about signing up for a race. 
So there you have it friends. I've been running from reality for far too long and I'm putting it all out there now. Will I run again? I hope so. Will I start blogging more? I hope so. Will I stay on track with Weight Watchers? You know it! 

Have you ever fallen off the wagon or hit a road block (either mental or physical)? How did you find your mojo again? 


  1. Oh yes, I am slacking too! Blogging is just not happening at all anymore! Basically been a year since I have even thought about it, I feel like. Running total back burner. Same with any form of exercise. I haven't run in weeks, and have no energy to! Same for any other exercising, so I feel ya! My feet are comparable to your leg, but not as big an issue, just something to hinder me. I just have no motivation, or energy, life just knocks it out of you sometimes. My goal is to ease back into running eventually, once other things calm down. Too much commotion in my head, etc right now. I hope things work out better for you soon! I have been meaning to text you a hi and will soon, I hope! :)

  2. And also, don't worry, you will get that marathon back. I have faith you will!

  3. I think that happens to the best of us and sometimes we even need a little slack off time to give ourselves a break. Sorry to hear about the leg though, it sounds like it might be time to visit the doctor just to see what is going on. Hope it is better soon!

  4. Don't let doctors tell you to stop running, that's crazy talk! You'll get that marathon! I fell off the bandwagon of blogging too. My life was nuts for a minute. Congrats on your awesome weightless!