Monday, June 22, 2015

Injury Update

Since January during my failed attempt during the Goofy Challenge, I've been battling an injury to my left leg. My orthopedic doctor's approach has been very, very traditional:  x-ray, some ice, lots of time off from running, and a MRI. I followed this plan exactly, did everything right, and what did it get me? Nothing. 
When I attempted to pick running back up, it was slow and steady. But I had leg pain from my knee down, could barely walk, and was back to icing. So this time I took more time off. Eight weeks to be exact! 
During this time, I went through some what of a runner's depression. I missed running. I longed for that nervous feeling I got the morning of a long run or the high that came from completing it. It got so bad that I even took the 13.1 and 26.2 magnets off my car. I started to feel like a failure. 

Fast forward to two weeks ago.....I started back with walking. Just walking. Day one I did three miles and day two I did four miles. On day three, I was limping from pain in my left leg. So back to the orthopedic doctor I went. And what did he tell me? I needed another x-ray, I started back too soon, I needed to ice more frequently during the day, and wearing flip-flops was bad for me. Say what? 
That's when I decided enough was enough. Too much time had been spent missing something that I loved. So it was time to take take a non-traditional approach. At the very beginning of this injury, several runners suggested I go to a local doctor who "works wonders" on runners. I looked him up, but he didn't take my insurance and well, I didn't go. That was probably my biggest mistake. So after my failed attempt at the orthopedic doctor, another person recommended this sports injury doctor and I decided to make an appt. 
Here we are three sessions later and so far I'm seeing progress. He's doing Active Release Technique to work on multiple issues with my left leg: the IT band, a muscle in my calf, and something with my big toe (who knew). So I got the clear to slowly start back walking with a little bit of running this weekend. I did one mile on Saturday and then two miles on Sunday. The good news is I'm not in pain. I see the doctor again this week for another session. I'm so very hopeful that this is the right track and I'll be back hitting the pavement soon. I just wish I hadn't waited so long. Live and learn I guess. 

Have you ever dealt with an injury? How did you handle recovery? 


  1. Active Release and Graston Technique keep me on the road running. I'm prone to running issues. I first experienced mine while training for the Dopey. Once you are 100%, you might try deep tissue massage to keep mechanically sound. Good luck!

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  3. Nothing is more frustrating than an injury! You can't do anything about it other than sit around and wait for your body to repair itself.

    Sarah @ Mass Gain Source